Secure Live Streaming with the phyCAM-M Embedded Camera

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Embedded Tutorial (2) with the phyBOARD-Pollux and the Nabto IoT Platform

PHYTEC SOMs and SBCs are used in many industrial applications in the field of IoT. Secure communication in networks is particularly important in IoT applications. While PHYTEC hardware already comes with numerous security options, there are additional applications for securing data transmission.

phyBOARD-Pollux Imaging Kit

For example, video data can be transferred securely and easily over peer-to-peer (P2P) connections.

P2P Connections

P2P connections do not require servers and therefore offer minimal transmission times. One such P2P solution is the real-time remote control software from the company Nabto in Denmark.

The software from Nabto enables remote access to IoT devices (such as PHYTEC hardware) in real time. Once the connection is established, the devices can be controlled, software can be uploaded, or user data can be transferred.

Communication in the Nabto model takes place via remote TCP tunnel. Existing firewalls are no longer an obstacle and so the solution can also be integrated into existing infrastructures without much effort. The tunnel solution means that all data is securely encrypted.

The Nabto solution is used, for example, to transfer videos securely from an RTSP server to the client video player.

The colleagues from Nabto have now published a tutorial on how to use Nabto  to set up TCP tunneling between a phyCAM and the phyBOARD-Pollux and securely stream video data.

The Live Streaming Tutorial

The PHYTEC board is connected to a development PC via USB. For the camera setup, the Linux Device Tree is used. Finally, an RTSP server is installed on the board and the connection stream between camera and board is configured. Now the video data recorded by the phyCAM can be retrieved on another computer in the network.

Setup: phyBOARD-Pollux, Embedded Camera, development PC, and smartphone with Nabto app

One attractive feature of the Nabto solution is the direct, high-performance, and encrypted connection between the software client and the device. This is interesting, for example, for video surveillance or gateway solutions if the Nabto software runs on an IoT gateway such as the phyGATE-Tauri-L and enables access to several decentralized sensors, measuring stations, or other devices.

Could a P2P connection fit into your project? We look forward to discussing the details with you. You will benefit from our particularly flexible hardware and the experience we have already gained with the Nabto software. This way, your project will be ready for production in no time.

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